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Salesforce CRM Software is not an Alternative for your Business!

  • September 10, 2020

When it comes to deciding on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, there is a lot of pressure to make the right decision the very first time. Based on contractual agreements and the time and energy that go into implementing a solution, a decision is made to last many years. There can be nothing worse for employee motivation and data accuracy than making frequent changes to how your company uses data; enter, track, and analyze data sets to make or break your company’s success.

But, how do you know you’ve made the correct decision for the platform that is best for your company? For starters, you must assess your current needs and issues your company is facing regarding the data and analysis that allows you to propel your company forward. You should also ask yourself if that platform can grow as your company grows; you need something to expand quickly and efficiently. 

When you look up on Google for the best CRM software, your search will throw up countless providers, and yet within that highly competitive market, it is Salesforce CRM software that dominates the market. It is implied that Salesforce CRM software is not an alternative; it is your go-to CRM success strategy. Let’s discuss this in detail. 

Leaders have no alternative; they are unique! And, so is Salesforce CRM Software

When you look around to see the other CRM platforms, you may see a few things that you like. However, you will also know that they can wear many different hats and have multiple products requiring their attention. How do you know that the product you’re utilizing will be the one they pour their focus into the next year with better development, instead of chasing either a new product or choosing instead to focus on another product? You don’t.

With Salesforce, however, that is not a problem. Salesforce has one main goal: to develop a CRM platform that can meet all of your company’s needs. And they don’t just update it once a year – there are three releases (with upwards of 500 pages of documentation for each one). Salesforce also utilizes customer feedback and incorporates many of those changes into their releases, as well, so you know the platform is changing in a way that can accommodate exactly what you need. 


The AppExchange is one great feature of the Salesforce CRM software. It is a site where both Salesforce and their partners can release solutions for many different issues, allowing a “competitive” marketplace in which you may be able to find what you need without having to wait for a release. You can see customer reviews, request demos of products, and vet out whether the solution is the right fit for your company. This speaks to the confidence Salesforce has in its product and the open community they strive to support and receive inspiration from to make Salesforce better all around.

Salesforce CRM Software’s Trailhead

Salesforce CRM software also has a place for you to gain skills and knowledge, and not just by reading pages upon pages of typed documentation. Trailhead allows you to further your Salesforce knowledge, whether you are a Sales Manager exploring new features, an Admin that needs to solve an issue, or a Developer looking to learn Apex, the Salesforce language. It is an interactive learning tool that tracks your progress and empowers you to try features in a safe, hands-on environment without installing and “hope for the best” with your live production data. This is a learning management tool that many Salesforce competitors can stand to model for themselves.

The Salesforce CRM Software Network

The customer success community is an excellent tool for collaboration for Salesforce to solve business problems. Have a problem that you can’t solve? Ask a question on the community, and you’re sure to have answers that same day, from multiple people with a variety of backgrounds and cloud experience. You can also find niche-specific community groups, such as for non-profit or education. You can also promote ideas to make your voice heard and help influence the future of Salesforce productivity. Product Managers are also active monthly to have more access to the minds behind some of their outstanding features and learn more about what is coming down the pipe. 

Salesforce Business Culture

The company culture at Salesforce is also like no other. CEO Marc Benioff prides himself on pushing the Salesforce ecosystem to “do more,” whether with time, money, or resources. They pledge 1% to give back and strive to be a leader in the philanthropic business model. Needless to say that your association with Salesforce is also your support toward communities that Salesforce serves. People care about the businesses they support and want to know the dollars they spend has a butterfly effect. This model is the cherry on top of an already superior product.

Salesforce is the best CRM software of all of the available market alternatives, not just as a product, but also the channels that support the product. This is not a rigid platform that limits your creativity, but rather a resounding solution that is flexible enough to support your needs and nurture your company’s future growth.

At RADcube Salesforce consulting, our team is ready to assist you with taking your next steps in Salesforce!

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