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Guide to Select Salesforce Implementation Partner for your Business


Looking for the right Salesforce implementation partner can be daunting, given the myriad options that surface on the Internet for a single query. But without an experienced Salesforce partner, implementation of the software can be harrowing and unsuccessful. 

The right Salesforce implementation agency can guide you through the entire process and ensure you always follow the best practices as updated and recommended by Salesforce from time to time. 

In this article, we provide simple tips for solving the most complex task of partnering with the right Salesforce implementation partner.

Certified Salesforce Implementation Partner

While certifications should not be the only source of knowledge, but it is best to rely on an implementation partner certified by Salesforce. Some of them are Salesforce Certified Technical Architect, Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect, Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist, Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant, etc.

While certificates are a great way to judge credibility, you should not dismiss the value of the partner agency’s past work. Do not hesitate to proof-of- evidence for at-scale implementation and the overall impact on their client’s market success.  

Long Term Partnership Capability

Yes, we operate in a volatile world where things may change anytime, but we can’t start a successful negotiation with a short time agenda. Even if a new-found prospective partner offers their services at a competitive rate, you should not consider the price to be the deciding factor. You seek value for your business that is here to solve bigger issues than getting into a trap of a low bargain and losing your market reputation for the substandard outcome.

You should find a Salesforce implementation partner ready to commit to a long term relationship wherein they will take full charge of excellent customer service besides a successful implementation. Get your team to shortlist global Salesforce partners who understand your business’s value proposition and act accordingly to enhance market credibility.

Setting Qualifying Metrics for Salesforce Partnership

When considering your Salesforce implementation partner, you’ll have to spend a good deal of time researching your options. Brainstorm with your teams on the most urgent features you can’t negotiate for a Customer Relationship Management tool. Define qualities that are essential to you, and let that research guide you past flashy advertisements with very little to offer you any actual good.

In the process, allow weeks to months, if possible, engage your project management to maintain a record of findings and follow-ups so that you don’t lose track of time or hastily commit to an implementation partner you have asked for a long time commitment. 

Salesforce Implementation Partner Communication

You will want to make sure that your partner communicates well and efficiently. There should not be any surprises as your implementation progresses forward, and if there are, you will want someone who keeps you informed with how they will proceed and where progress stands at agreed-upon milestones and check-ins.

You will want someone who works well with your team and frequently provides emails, calls, and touchpoints. They should be respectful, effective, and have a plan at all times, and everyone should be kept in the loop. Make sure to ask about their communication methods when interviewing potential partners.

Salesforce Implementation Team Alignment

When considering a Salesforce implementation partner, you need to ask about the team working on your Project. Does the partner have various roles that can meet your needs sufficiently, or could it be just one person stretched a little thin, juggling many tasks at once?

Ideally, you would have a Salesforce Admin and a Project Manager, but you may also need a developer or an architect depending on your implementation’s complexity. You’ll need to ask about the team members and their respective roles based on their expertise and experience for exceptional project delivery.

Utilize Salesforce Resources

It is essential to know that you do not have to rely solely on yourself to gather this information. If you look around at existing Salesforce resources, you may find others have left valuable, specific feedback that can guide you in your search for your Salesforce implementation partner. 

Take advantage of the Salesforce Success Community or the AppExchange to see a few options of what is out there, along with leaning on your Salesforce Account Manager to make suggestions, also. You may find comments they’ve left or problems they have solved that can give insight into past work.

Business Background Verification

Checking out past client reviews is vital in guiding your decision to find the right Salesforce implementation partner for your business. Check multiple sites, not just the company website of the one you’re interested in, if you want to get a real picture of what others say. Remember that background check is relevant for both small businesses and large businesses. 

While a small enterprise may be a petty loan defaulter, a bigger one may be en-route bankruptcy. So, check with your colleagues or companies in your industry to gain as much information as possible. This can be extremely valuable, as they can give you an accurate idea of what to consider before you decide to move forward.

It is vital to keep an open mind in your search and realize that your company has specific needs that not every partner can fulfill. Be patient and stay focused on your particular goals, and keep those at the forefront of your mind when searching for the perfect partner!

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