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10 Reasons you Need Salesforce CRM to Boost your Business

  • September 25, 2020

The many customers who rely on Salesforce can quickly see why it is the number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the industry. Each release (which happens three times a year!) is full of new features and tweaks that make the platform easier to use and a more robust solution for the many needs a company has as they grow. 

As companies grow, however, many encounter issues that make Salesforce an obvious choice for assisting with those growing pains. If you’re on the fence about choosing a CRM or need to explore areas of Salesforce you may not be fully utilizing, take a look at our 10 Reasons you Need Salesforce to Boost your Business!

10 Reasons How a Salesforce CRM Boosts your Business


1. Sales Struggle to Close Opportunities

Your sales team is excellent, hard-working, and has a lot of energy to rack up those sales; however, something seems to be failing between Opportunity generation and closing. Maybe the team needs the Guidance for Success feature along their sales path with suggested steps and fields to guide them through their sale, start to finish, or they could benefit from a more custom selection of stages to better reflect how they sell. Sales Cloud is an excellent start for supporting your Sales team.

2. Organize Services for Better Customer Assistance

Customer Service and Support teams fully understand their importance in customer retention. Still, sometimes, it can be a struggle to find all of the relative information to provide an accurate solution that the customer may be looking for. The Service Cloud console is a great solution in allowing your reps to navigate quickly and efficiently through all of the data to provide an answer that will keep your customers happy!

3. Accelerate Management Target Delivery

If quarterly goals are just shy every time, there may be a need for improved analytics. Reports are a significant first step to providing management everything they need to assess the good and the bad. It helps them identify customers or prospects who need that extra dose of attention.

4. Organization-wide Data Gaps in Analytics 

If analytics is a struggle due to missing or incomplete data, utilizing features to improve data quality is a must! Salesforce allows for customized validation rules and formulas to ensure the right data is being populated correctly and consistently. Your users can be nudged to make sure they complete the record every time.

5. Salesforce CRM for CEO Business Overview 

CEOs often rely on analytics such as those provided on dashboards to see where the company is doing well, and where the next steps should be taken to keep that progress moving forward. If they are “in the dark,” this can be a difficult call to make. Creating a dashboard to give them a conclusive view of the company metrics is vital in promoting visibility!

6. Salesforce Eliminates Excessive Manual Processes

If you’ve heard complaints that some of your data entry processes are just too difficult to keep up with, or have too many steps, it would be wise to take advantage of the processes Salesforce has native to the platform. Flows and Process Builders are perfect for grabbing and populating data, saving your reps time and clicks when doing their job.

7. Data Security Threat with Employees Moving On

Salesforce prides itself on its investment in keeping your data safe and secure. In utilizing profiles and permission sets, you can make sure users cannot see data they should not see and can take steps to ensure the data cannot be downloaded and carried with them as they move on from your company.

8. Salesforce CRM Improves Customer Engagement

You may have found that how you market to customers or engage with prospects could use some improvement. Utilize leads and campaigns to help track who you are reaching out to, and if they are responding to your materials. You can also use Marketing Cloud to take it one step further and manage your marketing needs with better analytics.

9. Easy Salesforce CRM Customization 

It may seem that you have unique needs and need a platform to support the way your company operates. Salesforce is very flexible and allows for customization, both with light, click-based changes, and backend developer changes. Your imagination is the limit with what you can do in Salesforce!

10. Advanced CRM Flexibility for Analytics & Community

The best part of Salesforce CRM is how flexible the platform can be. Whether you need your user base to grow, want to try Einstein Analytics, or need to create a customer community, Salesforce can grow right along with you. The system you have today can expand as you see fit. But with the constant release of features being requested and promoted by the actual customers themselves, you know that those changes are beneficial and can even directly affect your company for the better!

Finally, it is never too late when you act now. But, it is a challenge if you defer your plans to improve your sales and eminence today. Maybe, your business audit turns out to be perfect but could you achieve the same perfection through Salesforce CRM in a more effective way?

At RADcube Salesforce consulting, our team is ready to assist you with taking your next steps in Salesforce!

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